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The 3rd cyclic conference

Water - Environment - Rural areas
21-22 November 2007

General Information
Status: Non-profit
Address:  Falenty near Warsaw, 05-090 RASZYN, POLAND
Telephone number: +48 22 720 05 31~8
Telefax number:  +48 22 628 37 63
E-mail address: 
Year of foundation:  1953
Number of permanent staff: 280 people employed in 7 research- scientific departments at Falenty and in 5 regional specialized divisions throughout the country, 2 experiment farms and 2 research station.


R - regional division

H - headquarters

F - experimental farm

S- research station


The Institute carries our research and application works in the field of environmental sciences and agronomy, in particular:
  • preservation of natural values of rural environment,
  • water management issues in rural areas,
  • irrigation and agromelioration of agricultural lands,
  • flood and droughts problems,
  • sanitary issues in rural areas,
  • management of pastures and meadows,
  • multifunctional and sustainable development of rural areas (at the level village, commune, region, river basin), preservation and proper utilization of the natural values of a region (biodiversity and landscape diversity, protection of water, soils and air),
  • development of technical and natural infrastructure for water supply and sewage management in rural areas.

The Institute for Land Reclamation and Grassland Farming employs: 9 professors, 11 assistant professors (docents), 32 doctors and 30 assistants. They specialise in the following professional and scientific areas: water management, environmental protection, water engineering, land engineering (country roads, flood protection), land melioration, reclamation, agromelioration, rural water supply, sewerage and sewage plants, waste management, meadow science, science of commodities, surface washings, soil science and biology, chemistry, geography and geology.

Institute broadly co-operates with leading scientific centres in Netherlands, USA, Sweden, UK, France, Denmark and Germany. In the years 1995 -2001 the Institute has undertaken 27 international programmes.

List of some international programs undertaken in the last ten years:

PROWATER Program for the prevention of diffuse water pollution with phosphorus from degraded and re-wetted peat soils. V Framework Program: 2000 - 2003.
PAMUCEAF Poplars: a multiple use crop for European arable farmers. V Framework Program: 2001.
COPERNICUS Development of the tools needed for an impact analysis to groundwater quality due to changing of agriculture soil use. IV Framework Program: 1999-2001.
COGANOC Controlling gaseous nitrogen oxide emissions form grasslands farming systems in Europe. III Framework Program: 1998-2001.
DVWK Investigation of the quantity of diffuse entries into rivers of the catchment's area of the Odra river and Pomeranian Bay to develop decision facilities for an integrated approach on water protection. Bilateral Polish German project: 1996-2001.
BAAP Baltic agricultural run-off Action Programme. Conducted with the Agriculture Society in Malmo, Sweden: 1995-2002.
ALTERRA Hydrological system analysis in the valley of Biebrza River. Co-ordinated by Alterra, Green World Research: Netherlands: 2000-2002.
F 11/5 Principles and methods of greenhouse gases emission mitigation from agriculture and rural areas. Financed by U.S. Agency for International Development: 2000-2001
FAO Low input grasslands production systems for livestock feeding. Financed by United Nations: 1998-1999.
PHARE Infrastructure of Rural Areas for Water Management, including co-ordination of the program P 9312/06 and the realization of seven partial projects. Financed by EU: 1994-1998. Team Award of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Management.
IBN - DLO Characterization and evaluation of wetlands and grasslands in Poland in the aspect of protection of the natural environment. Alterra: 1991-1995. Application of remote sensing methods in identification of scrub encroachment process in Biebrza National Park. Alterra: 1997-1999.
EPA Polish Agriculture: environmental programs to protect water quality conducted in the voivodeships of: Lomzynskie, Nowosadeckie, Ostroleckie and Szczecinskie - financed by the Centre of Rural Development at Iowa State University and the Environmental Protection Agency, USA: 1992-1996. Awarded by the United States Department of Agriculture for leadership and management of the program.
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