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IMUZ's Structure
  • Scientific Council
  • Director of the Institute
    • Labour Section
    • Promotion and Marketing Section
    • Post for Economical Analyses
    • Chief Computer Scientist
    • Legal Advisor
    • Post for Civil Defense
    • Secretary of Polish Comitee of International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID)
    • Deputy Director for Scienc e
      • Department of Regional Studies for Development of Rural Areas
      • Department of Nature Protection in Rural Areas
      • Department of Water Resources
      • Department of Pastures and Meadows
      • Department of Land Reclamation Engineering
      • Department of Rural Sanitation
      • Department of Soil and Water Chemistry
      • Planning and Coordinating Section
      • Publishing Section
    • Deputy Director for Services and Maintenance
      • Experiment Farms
      • Scientific Information Section
      • Administrative-Technical Section
      • Post for Industrial Safety and Fire-fighting
      • Post of Industrial Property Protecti on and Technical Approvals
    • Directors of Regional Research Divisions
    • Chief Accountant
      • Financial-Accounting Section
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